Responsive device management system

A full-stack react app allowing Wetware Biosystems to manage the devices they manufacture

About WDMS

WDMS is a full-stack web application built using React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB from scratch. The app allows Wetware Biosystems to manage the devices they manufacture.
The front-end was built using React. Forms were built using formik with yup for validation. The material UI library was used for the user interface.
The back-end was built using Node.js , Express, and mongoose for managing the mongoDB. I also used Morgan as an HTTP request logger middleware.

Users can edit their profiles and upload new profile pictures if they want to. They cannot change their access level or the organization they belong to, which is only allowed by admins. In fact, admins have access to a register page to register new clients with complete validation, along with the functionality to upload a user image used for their profile. New devices can be created only by Admins and Managers, who will assign them to the clients' accounts for them to see on their end.

The web app offers the users a calendar feature that can be used to schedule inspections. The calendar allows the user to see events for the current week, month, year, and the list of events they have scheduled.

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