A fun variation of the game Othello

Based on state-space search framework, designed and implemented an AI program that plays a variation of the Othello game and wins

About Reversi

This Java project, called Reversi, is a variation of Othello that implements an AI program with the goal of playing the game and winning against human players. The game is played on a 4x4 board and outputs on the console. The project is based on the state-space search framework, which enables the AI to make perfect decisions by selecting optimal moves at every branch of the decision tree. The algorithm uses an adversarial state-space search approach to win the game. Additionally, the project utilizes the heuristic MINIMAX algorithm with alpha-beta pruning to solve the game version with an 8x8 board, minimizing potential losses and maximizing gains for a best-case scenario. The experience of working on this project has helped me to become more comfortable with recursion, which is the foundation of the state-space search algorithms. The project has also given me exposure to abstraction, which was necessary not only to represent the game elements but also to implement the different AI algorithms.

Please note that the code for this project is not available online, due to the updated University of Rochester Academic Honesty policy.

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