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MusicStats is an app that allows the user to keep track of the music they like with a focus on the genres they listen to most.

About Music Stats

MusicStats is an iOS app that allows users to keep track of their favorite music genres and learn more about the songs they like. As a music enthusiast, I developed this app as an attempt to help me keep track of the music I listen to and learn more about it. The app has a simple interface that allows users to add songs to their playlists by specifying attributes such as song name, artist, length, and genre. The list of songs is displayed in a table view, where a button allows users to learn more about a song they like by directing them to the song's webpage on song.bpm to access more song information such as BPM, Key, and other useful details. The links are automatically generated using the song's name as the URL's search parameter.

The app keeps track of the genre the user listens to most and the one they listen to least. MusicStats allows the user to add songs to their favorites by swiping right on it, and a star gets displayed next to the song's name as a result. The overview button allows the user to see statistics relating to their playlist such as favorite artist, favorite genre, genre they listen to the least, and total length of the playlist. MusicStats also features a CollectionView that displays a slideshow of suggested albums, including some relevant information about the albums. Finally, the app also supports dark mode.

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