Lob Pong

2D Java Game similar to the Pong Arcade game

A game where the goal is to “throw” and “catch” projectiles

About Lob Pong

Lob Pong is a 2D game developed using Java, GUI elements from the SWING toolkit, object-oriented programming, JPanels, and JComponents. It relies on KeyListeners and ActionListeners to handle user input and game mechanics. The objective of the game is to control a paddle that slides horizontally back and forth at the bottom of the screen, catching projectiles launched into play. The ball follows a parabolic trajectory, determined by equations of motion. The player must move the paddle to intercept the ball before it falls through the bottom of the screen. Each time the player catches the ball with their paddle, they score a point, and the ball bounces off the paddle, continuing to move upward.

The game includes a feature where the ball can bounce off not only the paddle at the bottom but also the top and sides of the window.
Lob Pong consists of 6 levels, each identified by a specific ball velocity and air drag. The difficulty increases as players progress through the levels. The game is designed to be simple for demo purposes.
Through this game, I learned a lot about Java programming, game development, and creating functional, user-friendly graphical user interfaces.

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